Darren Maule is the best lockdown boyfriend ever!

Darren Maule is the best lockdown boyfriend ever!

Anna tells us one of the reasons why Darren Maule is the best lockdown boyfriend ever!

darren is the best bf

Prior to the lockdown, he planned ahead to surprise his girlfriend, Anna, with a hair spoil at home.

 ‘Personally I had no issue with Anna’s Cindy Lauper two-tone lockdown look but I knew it would be something extra special to do for her’ he said. 

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Darren didn’t hold back in creating the ultimate salon experience at home, even getting hints and tips on toning, blow waving and ironing Anna’s signature blonde locks, from Anna’s hairdresser Shandre. 

Anna said the highlight was definitely the Indian head massage ‘he nailed it all’ she gushed. ‘Lockdown with Darren really has been the best experience, he is the easiest and loveliest company but this surprise treat really was the icing on the cake’.

See it here:

Part 1 of the salon experience: Darren, perfectly applies Anna's hair colour:

darren putting colour

Part 2 is the mandatory wash: 

washing hair

And last but not least Darren masterfully styled Anna's hair: 

setting hair

Nailed it, wouldn't you say?

PS: Anna has been in contact with Gerald Wells to find out how to do Darren's hair with paper scissors. 

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