Darren Maule apologises to his Mouse on air!

Darren Maule apologises to his Mouse on air!

Do you apologise to your kids? That was the question which had KZN parents and the East Coast Breakfast team in a debate.

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Listen to the conversation below or read the details under the podcast:

Most parents believe it is off good mannerisms and etiquette that respect is earned. Parents want their kids to echo their principals and follow in their footsteps when it comes to things such as respect.

But, should parents apologise? The majority of parents in KZN believe that it works both ways - if parents are in the wrong they should own up to their mistakes and show their kids it's okay to be wrong, but only if you apologise and learn from your mistakes.

This whole debate came about after Darren shouted at Mouse while he was playing 'Fortnite'. He was in the middle of his game, and whilst he was reaching the main moment, Mouse and her friends interrupted him. 

He completely exploded and lost his temper with them, poor Mouse!

But he did what any good parent would have done, he apologised... live on air! And the best part is, Mouse responded.

It was one of those moments where your heart melts because you hear an innocent child's voice saying, "I have ballet after school, don't forget to pick me up."

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