Darren Maule and Minnie Ntuli react to 'Fetch Your Life'

Darren Maule and Minnie Ntuli react to 'Fetch Your Life'

The hit was created by two stellar artists - Prince Kaybee and Msaki. Their collab is a motivational song and is accompanied by a video featuring East Coast Radio's very own Minnie Ntuli!

minnie ntuli and darren maule
Screenshot: Facebook

The song encourages everyone to reach for their dreams and never give up. The video sees different women in different scenarios who face challenges and give off the expression that they want to give up.

Msaki sings in the hook, "Fetch your life, go and be alive/ Ain't nobody living out here."

After struggling a few times, the ladies attempt to give it one last shot - and they eventually succeed.

But what caught our attention was the woman who plays a chef in the video - and does a superb job. It is a familiar face and voice of East Coast Radio - Minnie Ntuli!

She sat down with Darren Maule and they both chatted about the video. Here's what went down: 

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