Darren Maule and his daughter complete their first Amashova cycle race

Darren Maule and his daughter complete their first Amashova cycle race

We did it! My Mouse and I completed our first Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic and here's how it went.

Amashova - Mouse and Darren

 I am beaming with pride as I get to say "my little Mouse completed 35 km in the Tsogo Sun Amashova Durban Classic".

Could you blame me, though? My ten-year-old daughter actually agreed to do a rather challenging race, without hesitation at all, given the fact that I asked her to join me the day before the race.

Our conversation went a little like this:

Darren: Baby, should we ride the Amashova together?

Mouse: How far is it?

Darren: It's like to Bike and Bean to uShaka and back, four times.

Mouse: Okay daddy, let's do it!

So we were up at 03h30 to leave the very chilly Hillcrest. Off we went on our little adventure, just me and my Mouse.

Mouse clocked 44kph down the famous Fields Hill. At that point I quickly realised that as a dad that is a very high speed for your little girl and if something went wrong there was nothing I could do to stop it... heart stopping stuff!

She kept looking up to me and saying; “I’m fine Dad, don’t worry.”

I am a very proud dad. 

My Mouse - she's fearless and wonderful. What a fine young lady.

Here is a little video that I documented during our race.

Darren Maule and Mouse at Amashova
Medals - Darren and Mouse

Were you at the race too? Share your pictures and experiences with me below.

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