Darren, Keri & Sky’s Song Search

Darren, Keri & Sky’s Song Search

Do you know your music well? Has your knowledge been tried and tested, then Darren, Keri and Sky's Song Search is for you.

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It’s a simple word search game where you must identify the titles of the songs. Every evening at 7 pm we'll put the song search for that evening on our Facebook page.

How to play?

  1. We will play 7 songs on air for you to pick it up on the song search.
  2. There are 7 song titles in the song search – we are only looking for the songs that played on-air.
  3. You will need to comment on the post with the 7 songs and the first person to correctly identify the 7 songs will be the winner. 

You get the title of Music Champion and a prize from the Maule of Fame!

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