Darren, Keri and Sky reveal Jacob Zuma's sick note

Darren, Keri and Sky reveal Jacob Zuma's sick note

News broke on Tuesday that a warrant of arrest was issued for former President Jacob Zuma after he did not appear in court. Why? Well, because he was 'sick'.

doctor note
Shanice Pillay

Darren, Keri, and Sky received doctor's notes from Dr Who, Prof Keri, and Dr RB Gupta who excused former President Jacob Zuma from his court appearance.

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Each note explained the seriousness of Zuma's illness. Prof Keri's note read that the former President has a severe case of 'shi-talking'. Dr Who's note read that he has a persistent case of 'Wuzzinme', which is an incurable mental health issue, and Dr RB Gupta says that he contracted the 'Corona...virus' and has to remain in Cuba until further notice.

They all have been submitted to the court of law for processing. 

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