Darren #DKSApproves local artist for wedding portrait

Darren #DKSApproves local artist for wedding portrait

The main man of DKS recently got married to his Anna Banana and he was gifted a beautiful wedding portrait done by a local artist - all thanks to Jane Linley-Thomas.

Darren and Anna
Darren Maule

Another Friday, another #DKSApproved item, event, place or person! Darren, Keri, and Sky each single out their favourites of the week and give them that stamp of approval. 

Whilst we still await a larger gallery of Darren and Anna's wedding, Jane Linley-Thomas was able to get one of the pictures from the the intimate wedding. It is a beautiful sweet moment between the newly-married couple. She shared the picture with Drawn To Happiness Digital Art and they created the picture you see above. 

So, if you want to do something as sweet for your parents, lover or friends, then you are guaranteed beautiful execution not only because of the Kelly-Maule wedding portrait, but because Drawn To Happiness Digital Art has received that #DKSApproved stamp from Darren Maule. 

Here is the beautiful piece of the couple in love. 

Darren and Anna
Drawn To Happiness

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Now Keri Miller gives her #DKSApproved stamp to the world-renowned virologist, virus hunter, and bioinformatician, Prof Tulio de Oliveira. He joins us on the show every Wednesday and answers all COVID-19 related questions we may have and sometimes receive from listeners. 

Prof Tulio works with KRISP (Kwazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platforming) at UKZN. You can listen to all of Prof Tulio's podcasts right here. For all the work that he does, especially making time for us on Wednesdays, Keri gives him the #DKSApproved stamp of approval. 

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Sky Tshabalala had to clap his hands to this advertisement welcoming the British and Irish Lions rugby team to South Africa. It perfectly encompasses every aspect of South Africa and its citizens. What a warm and genuine South African welcome. 

It's also such a beautiful concept, shoutout to the producers of the video. Sky gives that entire team the #DKSAapproved stamp of approval. 

Have look at it here: 

That wraps up this week's #DKSApproved items. Who knows, if you rock our world this weekend or the coming week you or your business may get the stamp of approval that matters! 


Main Image Courtesy: Darren Maule 

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