Da L.E.S faces backlash after party invite goes viral

Da L.E.S faces backlash after party invite goes viral

Da L.E.S's annual White Party has reached infamy but Twitter is really not happy with the latest invite...

Da Les Backlash

Leslie Jonathan Mampe, Jr. is an international hip hop artist and record producer, but you might know him simply as Da L.E.S.

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Although he is best known for his musical capabilities, his legendary parties have almost become more popular than the man himself.

His annual White Party has become an institution, with guests willing to do whatever it takes to get a spot on that highly coveted guest list and just four years ago, the entire party was brought to a halt when the police showed up

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Now Twitter is feeling some kind of way after the latest White Party invitations have been revealed.

While a specific dress code can be expected when attending most parties, users have noticed quite a few VERY specific details that are quite questionable.

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The grooming requirements include clean-shaves and shape-ups for the men, while the women must have full hairdos and manicures and pedicures.

People were shocked to find an even stranger requirement: women need to be waxed.

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The body part is not specified, but Twitter has come to its own conclusions.

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People are skeptical and are warning others to not attend the party in question as it turns out Da L.E.S was allegedly part of a list that made its way around Twitter a few years ago.

The list was compiled by women who were exposing men who have sexually abused/harassed them. 

Da L.E.S apparently featured on this list multiple times.

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Although nothing has really come from the allegations, we all can agree: this invitation is WEIRD.

Maybe we'll just skip this one...

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