Cruise ship concierge confessions: "Her husband was in bed with someone else"

Cruise ship concierge confessions: "Her husband was in bed with someone else"

What secrets lurk below the polished, wooden decks of the world's most popular cruise ships?

Cruise ship confessions

Few things look as glamourous and luxurious as taking a cruise.

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Living your best life while traveling across the globe, no need to worry about driving anywhere yourself, or sitting in a cramped airplane seat seems like the dream!

And during the last few years (those involving the pandemic excluded) many people have chosen to pursue careers in the boating industry.

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It sounds like a dream job, being able to see different countries and living an adventurous life, and the cash money (allegedly) isn't too bad.

But Keri Miller has always wondered whether things are as sunshiny and wonderful as they seem.

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Surely the staff working on these cruise ships have to bear witness to some strange things? It can't all be smooth sailing, right?

Keri invited Laura Smith, a former cruise ship concierge, onto Keri's Couch because she needed some answers!

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Turns out there are some very strange, disturbing, and straight-up GROSS things that happen within the depths of these cruise ships.

In part one, they cover everything from swingers to the crazy requests from seemingly normal passengers:

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But if you think that's the worst of it, boy do we have a surprise for you...

In part two, Laura explains how the cleaning staff were bamboozled and confused after finding a bunch of mysterious nuggets in a passenger's cabin...

We have to admit, a 17-hour flight or car-drive doesn't sound too bad right now...

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