Countdown to Last Kid Standing has officially begun!

Countdown to Last Kid Standing has officially begun!

After a month of exciting, fun mornings of spelling with 4th graders, we have totalled the finalists that will take part in the grand finale. 

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Almost more than a month ago, we launched one of the coolest and never-done-before games on radio – a spelling bee competition. Last Kid Standing has given us exciting mornings with 4th graders with mind-blowing spelling skills. This week you had the chance to vote back any of the fallen semi-finalists.

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The last three kids who made it to Friday’s final semi-final from your votes were Likho Filtane, Chloe Potgieter and Aiden Luo. This specific semi-final almost leaves us with a bittersweet feeling.

So now, we have finally gathered around the finalists for the Last Kid Standing grand finale, which will take place live at our East Coast Radio Station studios on Tuesday, 18 May 2021.  

So far, the finalists are as follows:

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Sadhil Raghunandan from Parkside Primary was the first to win the grand finale spot in Week 1 of the semi-finals. We had a good warm-up and feel of how exciting the show would be for the following weeks to come.  

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Mia Davison Roseway Waldorf and Jemimah Sampson from Whetstone Primary gave us the first jaw-dropping experience of  the Last Kid Standing competition. The intensity of the girls’ precision when spelling all the words we imagined would be hard, was unmatched and called for us to choose two winners for that week.

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Week 3 of Last Kid Standing was taken By Daryle Moyo as he went against other strong contenders in that week’s spelling bee.

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Siyavuya Malusi from Hillcrest Primary made that entry last week into the semi-finals quite smooth also having challenging peers had to outspell but came out victorious regardless.

We then gave the game a spin and allowed the semi-finalists who fell short in the previous weeks a chance to shine once again but only made possible by votes placed by you!

Take a listen to how we made that official announcement: 

Finally, Aiden Luo from Crawford International, Likho Filtane from Clifton School and Chloe Potgieter from Athlone Primary were the kids with the most votes.

The final semi-finals was quite challenging in the second round with Cloe and Aiden really hitting almost all the words perfectly letter by letter.

At the very end, it was Aiden Luo who took the last spot in the grand finale!

Now, we just get ready for a showstopper of a grand finale ! 

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