Breakfast chat to Soli Philander following arrest

Breakfast chat to Soli Philander following arrest

Darren and Sky chat to comedian, actor, and activist Soli Philander following his arrest on Saturday. 

Soli Philander

Comedian, actor, and activist Soli Philander was arrested on Saturday. He accused the police in Cape Town of “enabling a paedophile” in a series of tweets - and urged anyone who was able to, to help get the little girl out of the situation. There has been no official response from SAPS as of yet, but Philander confirmed that he was alright on social media after being taken into custody.

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Darren and Sky had a telephonic interview with Philander earlier this morning ahead of his court hearing. The comedian was arrested for violating a peace order issued for the director of the Marion Institute, Peter Agulhas. The institute is over 100 years old, has a nursery school, and hosts events.

The order was issued late last year after Philander and other co-accused tried to remove Agulhas from his place of work after abuse allegations. 

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Philander claims that Agulhas is in illegal relationships with children that visit the Marion Institute for protection against abuse. 

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