The confessions of married women

The confessions of married women

Being married ain't easy, so sometimes being selfish is okay. This list of confessions by wives is plain evil, but so good at the same time. 

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Take a listen to what the married women of the East Coast had to say or read the details under the podcast.

We found a list of confessions by married women - and all we can say is, "wow"! There are some very creative evil geniuses out there. 

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This is what some women do to keep themselves sane and well - and they get some pleasure out of it too:

  1. "One day, my husband came home in a terrible mood, looking for his leftover pizza. But I had thrown it out already earlier in the day. So I waited until he went out to walk the dog, then I took it out of the trash and put it on a plate for him. He ate every bite."
  2. "That his favorite meal that I from the restaurant down the street."
  3. "That I hate my engagement and wedding rings."
  4. "That I once faked a family emergency and instead went to Dairy Queen to get ice cream and hide from the kids."
  5. "When my husband and I have a fight and aren't speaking, I secretly turn off the wifi so that he is forced to come downstairs and talk to me."
  6. "Sometimes I'll secretly watch something by myself that I was supposed to watch with my husband later because I want to watch it without having to cuddle or share my snacks."
  7. "I'm the one who changes the sheets, and I almost always put the cheaper pillowcases on my husband's pillows, while I get the luxurious ones."
  8. "My husband thinks I'm a much heavier sleeper than I am. If the dog gets restless in the middle of the night, I lie perfectly still until he gets up to take her outside, then I pretend in the morning that I didn't hear her."
  9. "We went on a vegan diet together and he was really committed. But I always cheated on my lunch break and told him I ate a salad." 
  10. "I once hired a cleaning crew to clean our house and took the credit for it."

You can't deny that these women are quite smart and, well, who could blame them, right? 

We know they're not the only ones though. What are some of the secret evil that you do? We'd love to know, drop us a comment below. 

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