Clicks surprise Darren Maule's Quick Quiz winner

Darren Maule's Quick Quiz with Clicks winner, gets even more

A few weeks ago, Heather played the popular morning game show and won R1,000. On Thursday, we called her back to give her even greater news.

Love and Light

When she won, Heather was brought to tears, which made everyone else in studio emotional. Being a cancer survivor, medication is expensive and she has been experiencing financial strain. 

After the moment aired, we've been inundated with calls and messages from KZN to assist Heather in any way possible. On Thursday morning, we called Heather to let her know about some fantastic news.

Clicks heard her story and decided to give her R3,000. She was so grateful and moved by the gesture that she was lost for words. 

Listen to the beautiful moment here:  


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