WATCH: Viral video of Chinese officials entering homes and disinfecting it!

WATCH: Viral video of Chinese officials entering homes and disinfecting it!

Who needs an air freshener when you can ask your local health worker to disinfect your whole home!

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Looking at what's going on in China is something that is both scary and unsafe, too.

There have been reports from Shanghai indicating that health workers within the country are carrying out mandatory disinfectant sprays inside people's homes. 

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This is being done regardless of whether you as a home owner gave consent to it or not. This was not a welcomed surprise that the locals took kindly to and comes while the city is already in a strict COVID-19 lockdown.

And according to the Economist, the lockdown is not even close to over.

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The viral video below has been making the rounds on social media:

Imagine that was your home? 

The Chinese health officials believe that by spraying disinfectant, it can help eliminate COVID-19. 

However, what the officials fail to understand from the information shared by World Health Organisation (WHO) is that the measure is somewhat pointless as the risk of transmission via contaminated surfaces is low.

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One thing is definitely for sure, this would receive loads of complaints had this happened in South Africa. Sharing their thoughts on the matter was Darren Maule:

We are heading into the middle of the year already. Most countries have a laissez-faire attitude to the pandemic now with restrictions all but disappeared, so why is China ramping up their interventions? 

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