Children break internet after interrupting moms live on air

Children break internet after interrupting moms live on air

Lockdown has been challenging for many of us, especially for those who have to work from home. But those challenges are sometimes accompanied by cute moments that will brighten up your day.  

BBC live broadcast interruption

Two children have broken the internet after interrupting live broadcasts in which their mothers were a part of, respectively.

Sky News foreign affairs editor, Deborah Haynes, was doing her usual reporting from home when her son made an impromptu appearance in her live video, asking mommy for two biscuits.

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Although Haynes handled the situation well and also apologised for the unplanned appearance, social media users were not impressed that the anchor of the show, David Cameron, quickly cut back to the studio. However, the little boy did score himself two chocolate digestives - as later reported by mommy in a tweet.

The other cute incident took place live on BBC News in which Dr Clare Wenham had to carry her daughter away from the camera and 'shoosh' her a few times.

The assistant professor of global health policy at the London School of Economics was being interviewed about lockdown in the UK, but all her daughter (whose name is Scarlett) wanted was to practice her home decorating skills.

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What many on social media appreciated, was that the interview continued and the presenter, Christian Fraser, also had a lovely exchange with little Scarlett.

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