Chaos erupts in Shallcross over undelivered food parcels

Chaos erupts in Shallcross over undelivered food parcels

Kierran Allen is back. This time he has captured the disruption at Shallcross in Chatsworth where angry residents took to the streets over undelivered food parcels.

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Sunday was Mother's Day. Whilst some were home enjoying time with family and showing their mom all the love she deserves, others were fighting for a meal.

Allen was at the centre of the heartbreak when violence and protest action erupted in Shallcross, Durban. "Communities are crying out for aid and are met with yet more empty promises," said Allen. 

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Whilst speaking to many residents on the ground, Allen says people are upset with the lack of aid, despite being promised support.

Allegedly, councillors around the country have been accused of stealing food parcels and not distributing them to the communities they have been allocated to. 

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Take a look at some of Sunday's graphic scenes: 

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