#ChallengeMeChooseDay: What's in my mouth challenge

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: What's in my mouth challenge

It's #ChallengeMeChooseDay time! This week it's a special one because it's our 22nd birthday, so we had to do something special!

Darren gets pie faced for ECR birthday

It's Tuesday, which means another edition of #ChallengeMeChooseDay. 

This week we played a little game called 'What's in my mouth challenge'. The aim of the game is to have all three presenters blind folded while the producer puts an object in their mouth. 

All three presenters will then guess the object and the loser will get 'pie faced' since it's our birthday. 

Here's what happened:

We gave the team an avo and, of course, Keri being vegan she knew exactly what it was and so did the rest of the team.

In spirit of the three way tie, the winner was determined by a means of a little game of 'rock, paper, scissors' and surprise, surprise, Darren Maule lost and had to take a pie to the face!

Happy Birthday, East Coast Radio. In honour of you turning 22, Darren took the pie and ate it!

Here's to many more fun years. From good to great.

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