#ChallengeMeChooseDay: This one is a 'mouthful'

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: This one is a 'mouthful'

It's Tuesday, and that means there's another round of #ChallengeMeChooseDay for you to enjoy!

Breakfast team does the mouthfull challenge
Lisanne Lazarus

This competitive bunch are at it again, and even though they're an earful, today, they were a mouthful! 

Being radio presenters means that these three have mad listening skills as we get callers from all parts of the country with different accents and ways of saying things. 

So, for #ChallengeMeChooseDay, we put their listening skills to the test, with a twist, of course. 

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This is a game of 'mouthful.'

Sky had to insert a little contraption into his mouth which keeps his mouth open and cheeks apart. He then selected a card from the stack and had to recite it to Darren and Keri. The first one to get the answer right, wins!

The loser, well, they would have to eat the nasty jelly bean.

The word that Sky was trying to say was actually Ngikuthanda kakhulu, which means 'I love you a lot'.

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Somehow, Darren Maule got this one right, choosing a 'dog food'-flavoured jelly bean for Keri to eat! My oh my did she struggle to chew it!

If you have a challenge you'd like the team to try out, email [email protected] or drop us a comment below.

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