#ChallengeMeChooseDay: The team eat the spiciest sauce on the East Coast

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: The team eat the spiciest sauce on the East Coast

It's Tuesday, so you already know that it's time for #ChallengeMeChooseDay. Today we've got something extra spicey for you!

Sky eats chillie sauce
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We asked you, the East Coast, to send us your spiciest hot sauce for Darren, Keri, and Sky to sample. 

Boy, we received a lot of hot sauce, so our producer spent the morning sampling them out and challenged the team to eat a teaspoon of the hottest one he could find!

The first person to take a sip of milk would be the loser and would have to eat the nasty bean!

Take a look at what happened:

This challenge was a bit unfair because we all know that Sky cannot stomach any spicy food and Keri, well, she just loves the heat!

Sky didn't just lose the challenge, he failed miserably, drinking his glass of milk - and Darren's! 

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The nasty bean he got to eat was 'molded cheese', which he seemed to actually enjoy. 

Shout out to all the amazing peeps on the East Coast who dropped off their chili sauce.

Got a challenge you'd like to see the Breakfast Team tackle?

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Drop us a comment below and we could be doing your challenge next week Tuesday!

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