#ChallengeMeChooseDay: Someone gets 'pie faced'

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: Someone gets 'pie faced'

It's Tuesday and that means it's another edition of #ChallengeMeChooseday. This time someone gets a pie in their face...

Darren's pie face

You know the drill. Every Tuesday we give Darren, Keri, and Sky a challenge to take on and the loser has to eat a nasty flavoured jelly bean. 

This morning we had a little trick up our sleeves - we gave the trio a challenge purely based on luck.

We gave them a game called 'pie face'. The game is strategically designed to throw a handful of whipped cream straight into someone's face. 

Our producer spun the wheel for each presenter and the number the arrow landed on indicated the number turns the person would make on the game. The catch is that no one knows at what number the game would trigger the hand to hit your face. 

Here's how it went down:

Sky was the loser yet again and rightfully he was meant to eat the nasty bean by himself. However, Facebook voted and he had to share his bean with Darren. Oh, and did we mention it was stinky socks flavour!

Eeek! If you have a challenge you'd like us to try out, drop us a comment below and we could be trying out your challenge.

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