#ChallengeMeChooseDay: Keri gets a make-over from Darren and Sky

#ChallengeMeChooseDay: Keri gets a make-over from Darren and Sky

Feast your eyes, ladies and gentlemen! Darren and Sky love a perfectly put together women, but can they perfectly put together Keri's make-up?

Keri's cover image

It's Tuesday and that means another challenge was set for the team to take on! This time it involved make-up.

Alytha Da Silva from Kryolan KZN sent us a whole kit of make-up for Darren and Sky to play with, and let's just say they did exactly that!

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Before watching the video below, let it be known that Darren takes the art of make-up very seriously.

The challenge was for Darren and Sky to give Keri a make-over and this is how it went down:

Here is what Keri looked like before:

No Make up keri

After using his skill and technique, Darren finally finished off his 'Everyday School Girl'-look on Keri:

Darren does Keri's Make up

Without much technique but using lots of creativity, Sky finished off his 'Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad'-look on Keri:

Sky does Keri's make up

The Facebook tribe has spoken and the winner was Mr Make-Up Picasso himself, Darren Maule.  

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Sky Tshabalala had to eat a bean that was flavored 'lawn clippings', which he seemed to enjoy. 

Did you enjoy our #ChallengeMeChooseDay? Would you like to see the team do one of your challenges? 

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