Catching a very angry Black Mamba

Catching a very angry Black Mamba!

Snake Rescue with Nick Evans is a brand new adrenalin-fuelled podcast series which follows the KZN conservationist on his exciting snake rescue adventures in the Greater Durban area. Nick chats to the East Coast Breakfast team about his work, and this podcast series, and episode 1 is all about catching a very angry Black Mamba near Cato Manor.

Snake Rescue with Nick Evans

East Coast Breakfast interviews Nick Evans ahead of the launch of Snake Rescue: 

As you'll hear, Durban is home to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. With a population of over 3.5 million people, and many snakes around, human/snake conflict is a common occurrence, and snakes end up being found in some strange places.

It's Nick's job to safely remove these misunderstood animals. There are always risks involved though, and always challenges. To be part of Nick’s adventures, listen to this podcast.

In Episode 1, we join Nick after he’s just received a call one night about a large snake seen slithering on a driveway in the Umkumbaan area near Durban's Cato Manor.

Thinking it was a bit late for a Black Mamba, Nick assumed it was a Cobra or a large House Snake. But the resident was spot on. It was a Mamba, and a grumpy one at that!

"This one really had my adrenalin going, and even had me shaking a little afterwards," says Nick.

Listen to the details in episode 1 of Snake Rescue below.

Below, Nick with the Mamba after this capture. What you cannot see in this picture, is that he was wearing slops!

Snake Rescue Epi 1

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