Can your employer change your salary without communicating?

Can your employer change your salary without communicating?

Ashton Naidoo is a lawyer from Mooney Attorneys and has been giving you legal advice; from employment to business and other disputes, all of these issues are tackled live on the show.


The first caller, who used the alias Will Smith, resigned on 18th March and worked until 30th April. After being short paid, he was advised to be on leave for April. This resulted in the company deducting leave without communicating, he also did not sign a leave form.

"If your company was shut down during that period, they could have forced you to sort of take leave just as a side for not paying you that month," Ashton said.

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He further explained that Will has a right to claim at the department of labour if he worked the month of April and then took leave during that month.

Ashton also gave advice on what to do if a firearm licence expires during lockdown; whether it was legal to 'give away' cigarettes when selling other goods; lunchtime disputes with employer; transporting alcohol; and an important question about an employer changing their employee's salary even if they applied for TERS.

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