Can you believe this? A plane crashed through this family's driveway gate!

Can you believe this? A plane crashed through this family's driveway gate!

You can never prepare for a day like this. 

Plane crash

You are simply sitting in your living room and then... boom! There is a plane in your yard's driveway that just crashed - what do you even do? 

This exact scene happened in Plettenberg Bay this past Sunday afternoon. 

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According to IOL, the light plane crashed through Pete Lloyd, the homeowner's, gate and fence. 

He shared that he could do nothing but try and assist the occupants of the plane. 

The pilot and passenger were transported to hospital.

SAPS National police spokesperson Vishnu Naidoo said police were also called to assist.

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Spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority Daphney Chuma spoke to IOL also sharing: “The Accident and Investigations Division confirms that an aircraft with two persons on board executed a forced landing in Plettenberg Bay.

“The pilot and the passenger were taken to hospital and the aircraft was substantially damaged. The pair had intended to land back at Plettenberg Bay.”

Have a look at the video of the crash here.

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Luckily, there had not been severe injuries to any of the occupants of the plane. 

Llody actually applauded the pilot for that landing as the street was only 100 yards long, less than 100 metres which is quite small for a plane. 

We are so glad that it was not the worst crash ever!


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Main Image Courtesy: Pexels 

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