Bunny chow ad is in good taste, ad regulator rules

Bunny chow ad is in good taste, ad regulator rules

The ruling follows a complaint that the Eno ad depicted the bunny chow in a fashion that was disrespectful to the heritage of Indians.

Bunny chow

The Advertising Regulatory Bureau (ARB) has, on Tuesday, dismissed a complaint about an Eno advertisement that drew criticism on Facebook in September.

The ad - which linked eating a bunny chow to indigestion - showed a mutton bunny chow, a packet of fried chips, and tomato sauce with the caption: “Enjoyed a big lunch and starting to regret it? Spring back into action fast with ENO — it gets to work in six seconds to bring the relief you need.”

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Leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many who saw the ad, an angry television chef and restaurateur Yudhika Sujanani wrote a scathing message on Facebook to Eno. 

"Dear Eno. Keep your hands off our bunny!

"It’s 4 am and you’ve irritated me. I can’t speak for everyone but for me, a bunny chow has finally taken its place as a uniquely South African culinary treasure. It comes from an innovation during the dark times of indenture carrying with its tales of a painful past with the barbed wire of racism and discrimination being the thread," she had written in part.

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However, SA's advertising regulator has ruled that associating bunny chow with heartburn or indigestion is not in itself offensive.

"Nothing in this advertisement refers to, or in any way references, apartheid, indentured workers, or any other human rights abuse.

"It shows food that has become popular, in various forms, with South Africans of all race groups and offers a solution for those who suffer discomfort after eating spicy foods. It does not discourage people from enjoying bunny chow – and in fact, offers a solution for those who might otherwise avoid it because they suffer after-effects," the ARB said.

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Eno has a history of linking certain foods to indigestion. In 2018 a burger, hotdog, chicken, and fried chips were used in a similar ad.

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