Breakfast phones Sky's mom, she wants an uMakoti
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Breakfast phones Sky's mom, she wants an uMakoti

The East Coast's most eligible bachelor is under some serious pressure to find himself an uMakoti. We called Sky's mom and this is what she had to say...

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Take a listen to our phone call to Sky's mom or read the details under the podcast.

Famous for the line 'Chicks dig it', Sky may need to put a ring on one lucky girl's finger very soon, because mama Tshabalala has made it clear - she wants an uMakoti. 

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Family plays an imperative role on the road to 'marriage', but when they start asking you when that day is coming, it can get very awkward, especially if you're a single Casanova like Sky. 

Ever heard the terms 'You're not getting any younger', 'What about children?', or 'We need someone to extend the family name'. Yup, your parents are hinting at you starting your own family. 

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Sky begs to differ, though. With a Zulu wedding comes lobola, uMembeso, and all the other traditions that are quite costly. However, we just think Sky isn't ready to give up his 'bachelorhood'.

Here's what social media thinks Sky should do:

Has your family been pressurising you into finally tying the knot? Share your stories with us in the comments section below and drop Sky a bit of advice on how he can deal with it.

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