#Boardroom101: Why the company organogram is important to you

#Boardroom101: Why the company organogram is important to you

The interview is often described as a conversation between two liars, yet many candidates are so dazzled by the title and package during negotiations that they forget to interrogate where exactly they fit in the wider company structure. Hixonia Nyasulu talks about why the company organogram is important to you.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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Candidates are so absorbed by the discussion around the remuneration package, the title, and the office that they fail to pay attention to the element of influence that the position carries. 

Later, they realise they never get to interact with the CEO, EXCO or Board - the real centres of influence in the company, even though their titles suggest seniority. 

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This leads to dissatisfaction and disenchantment with the job. So, what happened here?

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