#Boardroom101: Volunteerism - A call to action

#Boardroom101: Volunteerism - A call to action

"No country, certainly not one in the developing world, has ever been able to deal with all its social problems without volunteers, there are simply not enough resources," says Hixonia Nyasulu.

Boardroom101 with Hixonia Nyasulu

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Volunteers are needed in every sphere of our lives – from education and health care to welfare and even things as simple as clean-up campaigns. 

Every one of us can find something to do; some people are good at fundraising and organising search and clean-up teams, while others are excellent at teaching and coaching, and many others at dealing with social ills such as substance abuse. 

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There are those of us who are natural story-tellers and can keep a child or a lonely old person entertained and stimulated for an hour.

So let’s all use our talents to make a difference. If you need a selfish reason to volunteer, here’s one for you: You’ll be surprised how many opportunities and networks can be opened up by a simple act of volunteering!

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