#Boardroom101: Surfacing your accomplishments humbly and authentically

#Boardroom101: Surfacing your accomplishments humbly and authentically

Let’s be honest - everyone dislikes a show-off! Success with humility is a highly admired quality. People speak warmly of someone who is successful yet unassuming; a leader who serves the company and others.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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We all know that making sure your achievements are known and noticed by the senior leadership of your company is what will get you “in the room” when promotions are discussed. 

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Many people do themselves a disservice by not shining a spotlight on their achievements, lest they are seen as boastful. 

Others go to the extreme and leave everyone rolling their eyes because they sound like they single-handedly rescued the company. 

How do you achieve the balance? 

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