#Boardroom101: Reclaiming your idea

#Boardroom101: Reclaiming your idea

"If I had a rand for every time someone complains about a boss or colleague presenting their idea as his own, I'd be rich!" says Hixonia Nyasulu.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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This seems to be a very common problem, and this is one that even I can say I’ve experienced! If you’ve ever experienced this, you know the emotions that run through you as you watch that happen (Yes, it’s often done brazenly, not behind your back!). 

Some people are just gobsmacked (and want to laugh), others get angry, and many others are brought to tears. It is utterly frustrating and devastating to see someone else take credit for your idea.

It’s not just what they take from you that’s annoying, but what they gain for themselves. However, you can reclaim your idea, on the spot, with everyone still present. 

There’s no point in confronting the person in the passage or their office after the meeting – they know you’re coming, and they probably don’t care. 

Why should they? Mission accomplished!

So, how do you get your own back – literally and figuratively? It takes chutzpah, a bit of sass, and the ability to cut someone to size without being overly aggressive.

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