Managing office politics

#Boardroom101: Managing office politics

Most people make the mistake of ignoring office politics. Just to be clear, office politics is not about the gossip around the water fountain or who is dating whom.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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It's not about who was allowed to take leave in December when everyone else was told the festive season is busy and no-one can apply for leave. It has nothing to do with people ganging up on another employee because he/she is full of themselves. In fact, run a mile from that kind of talk and behaviour. But for the sake of your career, pay attention to office politics.

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How else will you understand the power dynamics and spheres of influence; or the unwritten rules of your organisation? If you want to understand what levers you need to pull to complement your outstanding performance, so that you are visible to decision-makers, then you need to keep your ear to the ground. It’s all about building and cementing relationships, building alliances and vision communities. You need to be in the “scrum“ to get the tips.

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