#Boardroom101: Choosing a mentor

#Boardroom101: Choosing a mentor

"I’m often approached by people after I speak at a conference who ask if I could mentor them. Flattering as it is, what I ask myself is what criteria they use to decide that I would be a good mentor," says Hixonia Nyasulu.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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If you only meet a person once, how do you know that there will be good chemistry, that they are good listeners, non-judgemental, that they care about developing others, and that they will bring you up rather than pull you down? 

After all, aren’t these the qualities of a good mentor? That’s not to say you cannot find a mentor outside of your company or immediate circle.

Choosing a mentor is a serious matter. This is the person who will guide you, share knowledge with you, answer your questions, and ask you questions that help you reach your own conclusions.

There are four key things to look for in a mentor:

  1. Wisdom and expertise or experience
  2. Respect for others and their views
  3. A passion for people development
  4. An exemplary leader

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