#Boardroom101: Breaking the glass ceiling

#Boardroom101: Breaking the glass ceiling

The glass ceiling affects anyone who is a minority in their work environment, including women in a male-dominated arena, employees where one race group dominates the space, and so forth.

Hixonia Nyasulu

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Not all women believe in the existence of a glass ceiling and invariably, it is these women who simply glide through it and get to the top. The glass ceiling is an enigma to some, and a reality to others. 

Women who do not perceive a glass ceiling see no gender-related barriers to their career growth. They focus on the dream of getting to the top, not on the barriers. To them, the message is simple: the glass ceiling can be broken! 

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Defining yourself by your qualification and experience rather than by your gender or race is the first step to breaking the glass ceiling. Understanding how you feed the stereotypes held about your group is the next step. 

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