#Boardroom101: Addressing the scourge of the gender pay gap

#Boardroom101: Addressing the scourge of the gender pay gap

"In the UK, companies with 250 employees or more are now required by law to disclose their gender pay gap data annually (includes ethnicity and disability pay gaps), either on their website or annual report if listed, or through that country’s government gender pay gap reporting website," says Hixonia Nyasulu.

Boardroom101 with Hixonia Nyasulu

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The gap in the UK is currently believed to be around 18%. The 2018/19 Global Wage Report puts the gender pay gap in SA at just over 22%. The gender pay gap is, of course, different from Equal Pay, and this needs to be understood. 

Most companies these days will claim they practice equal pay for equal work, and in many cases, this is true. Over the years, companies have recognised that it is both unfair, as well as morally wrong, to pay women less than men for similar work.

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But this has not closed the gender pay gap, which measures the difference between men’s and women’s average earnings across an organisation. 

The causes of the gender pay gap are complex, and this episode will unpack some of the commonly understood reasons, and some strategies to address this problem.

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