The birds go crazy over Westville Black Mamba

The birds go crazy over Westville Black Mamba

In this week’s Snake Rescue podcast with Nick Evans he returns to a property in Westville that he’s been called to numerous times before, to retrieve a very elusive Black Mamba from a cluster of trees. 

nick and the black mamba

On the site, he finds things a lot more difficult than anticipated as the snake moves between two properties; he encounters a very protective dog and gets a little help from the local birds who go crazy whenever they spot the snake.

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"I always get excited to see my friend Armstrong's number pop up on my call screen. Armstrong works as a gardener in Westville, and he occasionally finds mambas or cobras – usually mambas - on the property,” says Nick.

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“This time, he had spotted another Black Mamba in a cluster of trees. It didn't sound like an easy catch, and as it turned out, it wasn't!”

Listen now below.

long way up

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