The Big Favour gifts KZN Gogo with a new electric wheelchair in emotional editional

The Big Favour gifts KZN Gogo with a new electric wheelchair in emotional editional

After having the same wheelchair for years, this story meant so much to us all!

New wheelchair KZN Gogo

Another week of the Big Favour means we get to change the life of one more person in KZN - which is exactly why we have it in place. 

A granny, who asked to remain anonymous, has been wheelchair-bound for years after an accident she experienced 15 years ago. 

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As she has been the only breadwinner in her family, she still commutes to different places to try and make ends meet. Her current wheelchair had been her mode of transport for the past 7 years and was due for an upgrade.

Her lovely daughter nominated her for the Big Favour, for help with an upgraded wheelchair. 

It was heartwarming to see and hear her reaction to this surprise. 

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Take a listen as she emotionally shares her gratitude:

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There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing this kind of energy. The Big Favour continues to do meaningful work in different ways across the province and we are so grateful that we have the means to make a difference in any way we can.

This means she will have strength to do more, move swifter and hopefully feel a little less burdened. 

So, if you are a person who has resources to share with those in need, click here

And if you wish to get some help from The Big Favour, click here.  



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