#BicyclesForBricks: Bryn Roberts completes the journey!

#BicyclesForBricks: Bryn Roberts completes the journey!

After weeks of traveling, Bryn Roberts is finally back home. He completed the Freedom Challenge for Thando Labantwana Creche in Hammersdale and we are so proud of him!

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Thando Labantwana Creche was in need of a lot of TLC, and thanks to Bryn Roberts, that is now possible. 

Weeks of travelling from Pietermaritzburg to Cape Town, Bryn endured some tough challenges, but pushed on to complete the task ahead.

From losing his phone to having to wear torn shoes and nearly giving up, it sounded like a life-changing experience which tested his resolve and desire.

As the ultimate goal was to raise money, we made the call and KZN answered. We needed their help to reach a target of R50,000 for Thando Labantwana Creche, but the question remains, was it achieved?

Listen to the podcast to find out all the details of Bryn's journey and whether the target was reached.

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