#BicyclesForBricks: Adding bricks of hope to Thando Labantwana Creche

#BicyclesForBricks: Adding bricks of hope to Thando Labantwana Creche

Master Builders had a massive announcement for The Robinhood Foundation, which touched the hearts of all in studio.

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Listen to the podcast or read the details below: 

After weeks of traveling and many obstacles, Bryn is still determined to finish the Freedom Challenge, RASA (Race Across South Africa). 

He is on this incredible journey with a mission, and that's to raise funds for The Robinhood Foundation.

A creche in Hammarsdale, 'Thando Labantwana', is in complete despair and needs help.

READ: The Thando Labantwana Creche is in desperate need of help

KZN contributed towards the campaign and The Robinhood Foundation is thankful for the contribution thus far. Kim Jones from the foundation visited the creche and are extremely thrilled with the progress. With the foundation of the building being put in, Ma Shange, the caretaker of the creche, was filled with such pride to see the improvements.

Vikashnee Harbhajan, Executive Director of Master Builders in KZN, made a massive announcement on air in support of the campaign. Listen to the podcast to hear the excitement.

You can continue showing your support by using the QR code to donate: 

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