Beirut blast: Powerful photo of a nurse saving three newborns

Beirut blast: Powerful photo of a nurse saving three newborns

In the midst of all the heartbreaking videos and photos of the Beirut explosion, one particular pic of a nurse protecting newborn babies has been described as a symbol of hope.

Beirut blast: nurse
Twitter/ PipTomson

A Lebanese photojournalist, Bilal Jawich, has shared a moving photo that has gone viral on social media.

The photo, which was captured in a hospital in the Ashrafia area, shows a nurse cradling three newborn babies in her arms, while calmly making a call for help, as shattered glass and blood can be seen around her.

“16 years of press photography and lots of wars. I can say I didn’t see what I saw today in Ashrafia area, especially in front of the Al Roum Hospital," Jawich wrote.

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Take a look at the original photo here:

16 سنة من التصوير الصحفي والكثير من الحروب. استطيع ان اقول لم أرى كالذي رأيته اليوم في منطقة الاشرفية, وخصوصا امام...

Posted by Bilal Marie Jawich on Tuesday, 4 August 2020

According to Lebanon’s health minister, over 4,000 people were wounded and more than 100 were killed during the blasts in downtown Beirut on Tuesday. With those numbers in mind, seeing the above photo has touched the hearts of many who have called the unidentified nurse a heroine. 

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/ PipTomson

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