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Bad Dad Jokes: Darren Maule vs East Coast Drive's Rory Petzer

It's the battle of the comedians in the penultimate episode of season one of Darren Maule's 'Bad Dad Jokes' - and this one will leave you in stitches.

darren and rory BDJ

It's been a year of laughing, and laughing with tears, as Darren Maule embarked on a new series called 'Bad Dad Jokes'. The aim of the show is for him to sit down with celebrities and our presenters and tell the most cringe-worthy jokes ever. 

Watch - Bad Dad Jokes: Darren Maule vs Tim Plewman

In addition to big names such as Tannie Evita and Tim Plewman, now our very own Rory Petzer from East Coast Drive has been added to the mix. 

Watch - Bad Dad Jokes: Darren Maule vs Evita Bezuidenhout

But this one is tricky as both he and Darren are comedians. They both were on fire but who do you think managed to reign as the winner of this episode?

Watch here and find out...

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