Baboon adopts a little lion cub as its own

Baboon adopts a little lion cub as its own

In what was a very unusual sighting, a baboon stole a lion cub and groomed it as if it was a fellow baboon.

baboon and cub
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It was reported that Kurt Schultz, from Kurt Safari, captured the rare sighting on 1 February 2020 when he was on his way back from a meeting in the Kruger National Park. It resembles scenes from The Lion King. 

Kurt says he drove on one of the roads near Skukuza when he spotted a troop of baboons being restless. It is common for them to be that way in the mornings. But he noticed one of them had taken something. He took some time to try and spot what it was when he was told it was possibly a lion cub.

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“I first thought it was a female baboon but it was in actuality a young male baboon. The young baboon crossed the road and climbed up a marula tree. I waited for about 30 minutes before it came into view and was moving from tree to tree, said Kurt.

The baboon climbed up a tree where it continued to groom and care for the little cub.

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