Author with autistic sons is truly inspirational and limitless

Author with autistic sons is truly inspirational and limitless

“Saving my sons is the story of a family’s fight against autism that led to the discovery of a system that helps other families do the same," says Ilana Gerschlowitz.

Ilana and keri

Listen to the interview and read the details below: 

Ilana Gershlowiz arrived at the studio, the picture of a woman with her ‘ish’ together. She was calm and smiley, and very much in ‘author’ mode. After talking to her I can understand why this woman has had to learn to compartmentalise.

One of my more interesting but also hardest of the Keri’s Couch series, I felt at times like I was struggling to get the woman Ilana to talk to me, she had come prepared – professional – unshakeable in her professionalism. Again, I can only imagine how day-to-day life would be if this mom of three allowed herself to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Imagine being a woman – who did ‘everything’ right through pregnancy, to have a perfect child. Until 20 something months. And then everything changes. Imagine being a woman who had this happen not once, but twice. The guilt, the questions, the anger, the sadness, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

'Saving My Sons' is more than a ‘story’, it’s a journal of a woman determined to make a difference. She has put her needs aside to care fulltime for her children, more specifically her eldest who needs fulltime care – and at 17. He has never been able to tell his mom he loves her.

Has her marriage survived? Does she wish things were different?

I asked her that if she knew what she knows now, would she have fallen pregnant with her first? Her answer was heartfelt and shockingly real.  

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