The Attenborough siblings give it all for the Zululand Conservation Trust

The Attenborough siblings give it all for the Zululand Conservation Trust

On 10 June, siblings Ames and Joshua Attenborough embarked on an incredible 19-day primitive trail in Manyoni Private Game Reserve in support of conservation.


They carried everything that they needed to survive on their backs in the dead of winter and they doing all this to raise funds for the Zululand Conservation Trust.

Darren Maule sat down with David Attenborough, Trustee of the Zululand Conservation Trust, to find out everything we need to know about the Attenborough siblings' great adventure.

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The aim is to raise funds for the Zululand Conservation Trust (ZCT) that runs projects for the protection of black and white rhino, the re-introduction of pangolins confiscated from poachers, endangered wild dog re-introduction and monitoring, a rhino orphanage, anti-poaching efforts, community feed schemes, education programmes, and much more.

"Due to global lockdown tourism is one of the hardest-hit industries. Without visitors, these incredibly important projects are struggling to survive. Our father, David Attenborough, started the ZCT a decade ago and we cannot bear to stand by and do nothing. We want to take action and create financial support whilst also bringing the wilderness you love right to your living room," says Attenborough.

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Everything uploaded from 10th to 28th June 2020 is all captured on one of their cellphones, which is collected at a water drop every afternoon and swapped out for a charged phone.

The content from the day is turned into a daily video and uploaded by the ZCT team.

"We are only assisting Amy and Josh with a charged radio a battery, a charged phone and 20L of drinking water," said Attenborough.

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