#AmINext: Dear Mr President, change needs to take place now!

#AmINext: Dear Mr President, change needs to take place now!

The heartbreaking incidents against women and children, as well as Xenophobic attacks in Gauteng, has caused a national outcry. The country has been pleading with President Cyril Ramaphosa to comment on the situation.

#amInext darren keri and sky
Shanice Pillay

Listen to the messages which the team spoke about: 

Darren Maule, Keri Miller, and Sky Tshabalala replied to President's Cyril Ramaphosa's message, which was shared on Tuesday afternoon on social media. 

Keri Miller spoke passionately about the situation, saying that she is not sure what has to be done. 

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She works with wonderful colleagues, but one man can't do it all. Change needs to start from the bottom and it needs to start now. Going to prison isn't enough. 

Darren spoke about what he does to ensure Mouse's safety. 

We think Tougher sentences needed for crimes against women and children, right? 

Listen to the team's full message in the podcast.

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