AKA unimpressed by Covid-19 artist relief package

AKA unimpressed by Covid-19 artist relief package

The 'Fela in Versace' hitmaker denounced the amount of money Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa announced.

Rapper AKA
Rapper AKA /Instagram

Known to be very vocal and often controversial, AKA did not hold back when a fan asked him for his views where the Covid-19 relief package for local artists is concerned.

This week, Minister Nathi Mthethwa announced that creatives (which includes sportspeople) can apply to get R2,200 a month in order to alleviate the effects of the global pandemic and the lockdown.

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Interested in AKA's opinion, Twitter user @Charlie_Marema asked the rapper if he welcomes the announcement from the minister - to which (unsurprisingly) he did not mince his words, completely slamming the amount of money.

"What the f***k am I gonna do with R2 200 a month?” AKA asked in a tweet.

The 'F.R.E.E' rapper's response obviously prompted a huge debate on social media, with many of them stating that he is ungrateful because unlike ordinary South Africans who are getting R350 a month for 6 months, artists will get more than that.

However, AKA was resolute in his stance and explained that the money would not be enough for him.

"Yes but I am not retrenched and I am not unemployed. I AM trying to NOT retrench people and I am SELF EMPLOYED. You guys are not going to force me to be grateful for 2k from the government. IT. DOES. NOT. MEAN. SH*T. TO. ME. Okay? Next." he replied to one fan.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Rapper AKA/Instagram

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