A blast from the past: East Coast Breakfast's #GlowUpChallenge

A blast from the past: East Coast Breakfast's #GlowUpChallenge

Have you heard of the #GlowUpChallenge? Well, after reading this you're going to know all about it. Darren, Keri, and Sky have shared pictures which are a throwback of note.

east coast breakfast funny pic

The #GlowUpChallenge is yet another challenge trending on social media. 

It shares the journey of one's evolution aesthetically. There have been quite a few shockers, so we thought the team should try it out too, but boy-oh-boy were we not expecting the pictures we got!

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Take a look at the team's #GlowUpChallenge below:

Sky Tshabalala

Sky's glow up
Lisanne Lazarus

Keri Miller

Keri's glow up
Lisanne Lazarus

Things got very interesting when Keri sent her pictures. The Executive Producer of East Coast Drive, Rory Petzer, uploaded her throwback picture on Facebook as a joke, and the response he got was hilarious. 

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We had to save the best for last.

Mr Darren Maule

Darren's glow up
Lisanne Lazarus

Who do you think 'Glowed Up' the most? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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