#5Things: Vaccine fake news, coffee is healthy, and you could win a Society Coffee hamper!

#5Things: Vaccine fake news, coffee is healthy, and you could win a Society Coffee hamper!

It's time for your favourite Breakfast team to drop some more knowledge.


It's time for another information roundup!

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Here are the top five things you just HAVE to know about:

Facebook is fighting fake news

The social media platform has long been fighting the good fight against all kinds of fake news being spread. They have decided to ban any posts containing misinformation concerning vaccines, as people have been claiming that it causes autism.

These types of social media platforms have been taking much more responsibility for the content being shared on their sites, many making significant changes following Donald Trump's unproven claims of election fraud.

Back to school time has arrived

The Department of Basic Education has published an amended academic calendar for South African schools for 2021. The first term will start on Monday, 15 February and end on Friday, 23 April and the school year will officially come to an end on 15 December. 

You can find the complete 2021 school calendar here.

Premier League referee receives death threats

Mike Dean, a leading Premier League referee, has had to make some tough calls during his career, but he has now faced with the harshest criticism he has possibly ever received. 

After playing a vital role in two separate red card decisions, during two different games, Mike and even his family have been receiving death threats. The red cards have since been overturned after an appeal by the two affected clubs.

The Premier League Chief executive, Richard Masters, has released a statement in which he condemns the actions of the fans, but he also sent out a warning:

Is coffee truly healthy?

According to the data collected through three major studies conducted by the American Heart Association, drinking coffee could lower your risk of heart failure. But please take note: decaf is NOT going to cut it.

These studies have shown that drinking one or more cups of normal, caffeine-filled coffee a day can have a significant effect on your heart health. When compared to non-coffee drinkers, it was found that those how did drink coffee had a decreased risk of between 5% and 12% for each cup of coffee they consumed.

This brings us to the final story for today and technically, entering this competition could be the healthiest decision you ever make...


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