#5Things: US elections update, Addington hospital protest, man saved by parrot, and more

#5Things: US elections update, Addington hospital protest, man saved by parrot, and more

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Biden vs Trump

1. US elections update

Joe Biden won Michigan and Wisconsin yesterday, putting him on the brink of taking the White House from President Donald Trump. This happened hours after the President’s team opened legal fights to stop vote counting in at least two States. Biden only needs to win an additional outstanding state, such as Nevada, where he is leading, or Georgia, where his campaign believes absentee votes will push him over the top.

2. Addington Hospital staff down tools over faulty lifts

Frustrated staff at Durban’s Addington Hospital have downed tools over the issue of the hospital's faulty lifts. Staff took to the streets to stage a peaceful protest on Wednesday morning. They say they are fed up with complaining about the lifts that hardly ever work.

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3. Pet parrot saves owner from house fire

An Aussie man’s pet parrot has saved him from a fire that gutted his house. The man's house was alight when firefighters arrived just after 2am, but Anton Nguyen had escaped without injury. Mr Nguyen said his pet parrot, named Eric, had woken him up before the smoke detectors raised the alarm. According to a BBC report, Eric the parrot had repeatedly squawked “Anton, Anton” to warn the owner.

4. Adele refuses to monetise her weightloss journey

After singer Adele had lost a ton of weight, UK newspapers wrote that she is flat out refusing million-Dollar deals including diet plans, vegetarian lifestyle packages, cookbooks, exercise videos, and even catwalk modelling. During her recent appearance on SNL, the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker joked that the coronavirus crisis made her lose weight.

5. Humpback almost swallows two women!

Two whale watchers had a close encounter while kayaking off the coast of Avila Beach, California, that they will likely never forget. They two kayakers were watching humpback whales on Monday when one decided to get up close and personal. A whale came up underneath them and caused them to capsize.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/BBCBreaking

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