: US elections, petrol price to drop, Vienna terrorist attack, and more

#5Things: US elections, petrol price to drop, Vienna terrorist attack, and more

Be in the know with these five things from Darren, Keri, and Sky.

Trump vs Biden

1. US elections

With time running out for Americans to cast their vote on November 3 in the US 2020 election, the country is tense and emotions are running high. All around the US over the past few months, signs with 'Vote Trump' or 'Vote Biden' have sprouted on lawns as voters made their choice of 2020 presidential candidate known. As polling shows Biden leading, more and more Trump supporters are showing open hostility to Biden supporters.

2. Petrol price drop

The Department of mineral resources and energy said that South Africa will enjoy a 27c per litre price drop in petrol. Diesel is expected to decrease by 12c per litre. The price adjustments are caused by a favourable Brent Crude Oil price. 

3. Could we be seeing the last of Lewis Hamilton?

On the brink of securing his seventh Formula 1 world title, Lewis Hamilton says there are "no guarantees" that he will continue racing after the 2020 season. The 35-year-old's contract expires at the end of season, and although he has previously said that he'd like to sign an extension, Hamilton is not ruling out the possibility of quitting racing as a whole. 

4. Vienna terrorist attack

Three people have died in the Vienna attacks on Monday night, including two civilians and one attacker. At least one gunman remained on the run at 1 am Vienna time, according to reports. Assailants were said to be “heavily armed and dangerous” and urged the public to stay indoors until the all-clear was given. 15 people were injured and taken to hospital after the attack that began shortly after 8 pm local time on Monday. One of the injured is thought to be a policeman. Seven of the injured were in a serious condition

5. Indian doctor duped into buying 'Aladdin's lamp' for $41,600

Two men have been arrested in India after tricking a doctor into buying a ‘magic’ lamp for $41,600 (about R650k). The two men reportedly told the doctor the lamp would bring him ‘wealth and health’. During one demonstration, the doctor reportedly saw ‘The Genie’ himself make an appearance in front of him, though it was only later he realised it was one of the men dressed up as the fictional character.

Aladdin's lamp

IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/JohnCly37416856

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