#5Things: No military farewell for Trump, Weather Services predict storm, snow in Sahara, and more

#5Things: No military farewell for Trump, Weather Services predict storm, snow in Sahara, and more

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Donald Trump

1. No military-style send-off for Donald Trump

Defence officials have confirmed a military farewell is not being planned for the departing President, Donald Trump. With Joe Biden set to take over the White House this week, Trump has reportedly been making plans for his final days in power, including a 21 gun salute. By the time Biden is inaugurated at midday, Trump will be at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

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2. Tropical storm Eloise likely to hit parts of SA

The SA Weather Service has revealed that it will vigilantly monitor the possibility of a moderate tropical storm — named Eloise — building off the coast in the next few days. Although Eloise was now classified as moderate, she was likely to intensify in the coming days. Weather patterns have been strange all across the country with floods in the Vaal, KZN Dams filling up, and Free State farmers crossing their fields in ski boats.

3. Man climbs skyscraper in a wheelchair for a good cause

A man has climbed a Hong Kong skyscraper in his wheelchair to raise funds for spinal cord patients. Lai Chi-Wai, who became paralysed after a road accident 10 years ago, climbed 250 metres of the Nina Towers building, raising almost R11-million.

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4. Man found living in Chicago airport for three months due to COVID-19 fears

A 36-year-old California man has been found living in a secure section of Chicago’s international airport because he is afraid to catch the coronavirus. Aditya Singh arrived at the Airport on 19 October 2020, but found himself too afraid to fly out. After coming across an employee’s credentials in a Terminal, he resigned himself to staying in the airport, where he continued to live in the security zone until January 2021.

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5. Snow in the Sahara Desert 

Extraordinary photographs have been released showing snowy scenes in the Sahara Desert, with temperatures plummeting below zero. The Sahara is known to have one of the most severe climates on Earth, with very little rainfall, powerful winds, and wide temperature ranges.

Snow on Sahara Desert
Snow on Sahara Desert
Snow on Sahara Desert

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/Donaldtrump

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